Gina & Partners
New Zealand Study-Abroad and Working Holiday Agency

For Japanese and International Students & Young Professionals

Gina & Partners is the leading New Zealand specialist study abroad agency in Japan. Founded by New Zealander Gina Whittle and operated by Japanese staff with considerable expertise, our extensive network with education and hospitality providers as well as leading tourism companies in New Zealand provides Japanese students with outstanding career opportunities. Gina & Partners is also the number one New Zealand internship provider in Japan. We have been offering internships introducing enthusiastic and hardworking Japanese people to high-quality hospitality tourism companies in New Zealand for the past 13 years. Gina & Partners exists to brighten the future of Japan by providing Japanese clients with unparalleled experiences, education and training in real life overseas environments.

?Please watch the video to see the experience of the Gina & Partners internship in New Zealand




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