Gina And Partners Internships

Hire High Quality Interns for New Zealand Businesses

New Zealand Businesses, recruit & hire hardworking and energetic Japanese Interns for your organization. Gina & Partners is the leading Kiwi owned overseas internship provider in Japan. We have been serving hospitality & tourism establishments in New Zealand for the past 13 years.

We provide interns for positions such as customer service, reception, restaurants, bars and more. Our partner organizations include; Hilton New Zealand, Accor Hotels, Cordis Auckland, Stamford Plaza, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, IHG New Zealand, The Hermitage Hotel and Peppers Resorts.

After completing the New Zealand Internship many of our interns return to Japan to further develop their careers in the hospitality, tourism and airline industries. Gina & Partners highly trained, bilingual interns will be ideal candidates for your hospitality or tourism organization. Our aim is to bring the magic and excitement of working overseas both to the young people of Japan and the workplaces in which they are placed.

​​​​​1. Employee Selection

  1. Gina & Partners will present to you, the Host Organization, a resume and photograph of each potential employee.
  2. You will select from the resumes presented by one or more internship applicants and will confirm their selection in writing to Gina & Partners. The selection must be made at least 2 months prior to the commencement date of the offer of employment.
  3. Gina & Partners acknowledges that the form of employment agreement and conditions of employment are a matter between the employee and the host organization. Gina & Partners will assist where requested and when appropriate.

​2. Work Placement

Here are important points to keep in mind when hire interns.

  1. Employees usually work in one of the following departments:
    1. Reception
    2. Housekeeping
    3. Porter
    4. Restaurant and bar
    5. Conference preparation
    6. Customer Service
  2. The term of employment will be for 4 – 12 months.
  3. You are required to provide a Letter of Offer and a Job Description.
  4. You acknowledge that the employee will be paid a normal employee wage which will not be less than the minimum wage for New Zealand.
  5. A minimum of 30 hours of work per week is preferred.
  6. You will provide the employee with adequate health and safety training in accordance with your organization’s own health and safety policies.
  7. Placements may commence throughout the year, depending on your requirements.
  8. You are not required to make any payments to Gina & Partners for securing the employees. You acknowledge that Gina & Partners receives payment from the employee for securing the position and arranging visas.
  9. If staff accommodation is unavailable, Gina & Partners will arrange accommodation for the employee.
  10. Gina & Partners provides a 24-hour Japanese telephone communication support service to all interns.

About Gina & Partners

Kiwi founded & owned and operated by local staff with considerable experience of living & studying in Oceania, our levels of trust and professionalism in the Japanese market are considerable higher than any other study/travel organization operating here.For New Zealand based schools, colleges and universities, we offer you the ideal introduction to the affluent, courteous, motivated and increasingly globalized Japanese market.For hotels & tourism operators we collaborate with some of the best universities in Japan to bring you bright, enthusiastic, talented and hard-working interns to work in your organization.Please contact us immediately to discuss how we can promote your school or service in Japan or to discuss how many of our interns you would like to place this year.I look forward to seriously increasing the number of students you receive from Japan.

​Gina WhittleFounder & CEO

​Company Details

Company Name

​Gina & Partners

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Education New Zealand Specialist AgentJATA – Japan Association of Travel Agents



Managing Director

Gina Whittle

Japan Office

5F Fukushu Bldg, 4-9-18 Watanabe-Dori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, JAPAN






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​NZ Life Tours Ltd.PO Box 74005, Greenlane, Auckland 1546, New Zealand

TEL 0800-222-8670 (フリーダイヤル)




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